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Aussie Tree Services would like to welcome you to our website.

Here you will be able to find and access a wealth of knowledge and information relating to trees, shrubs, plants, weeds and many other aspects relating to protecting and preserving our environment.

We have a dedicated section covering edible plants or "bush tucker" covering both plants in bushland and urban settings. You may have a plant in your garden that you are unaware is edible.

Our forums will hopefully be used on a regular basis by not only clients but also members of the general public to receive information and feedback to a problem or issue they may be having. If you have any questions please visit the forums and ask away. We will always respond to your messages.

Our resident arborist Dane Pickering will regularly write blogs (articles) to educate people on trees and the environment. He will also from time to time add to a list of featured trees or plants. These will always be related to locally indigenous species, locally obtained edible food and in some cases we may feature a widely planted exotic species.

Dane is about to embark on a fairly in depth research project to move towards a goal of eradication of Bitou Bush (a noxious weed that is taking over our coastlines) initially in Wyong Shire moving both North and South from there as time progresses. Anyone who would like to provide assistance in this project be that either volunteering your time to some manual labour or financial assistance your support will be greatly appreciated.

Aussie Tree Services endeavours to have one of the most comprehensive set of links available for our industry. We will be constantly adding to our links database. If you have a link you feel should be added please send an email advising of your link and the relevance to the industry.



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