Forum Rules

These rules are in development. Please be patient and check back regularly for updates.

Please have respect towards other users and the site when posting in these online forums. These forums have been provided free of charge and will continue to do so.

Please keep general chit-chat out of the forums, if you require a forum specifically for general chit-chat please let me know and I will set one up, also if there is a category that does not appear that you would like to see please post to the suggestion box and we will endeavour to have that created for you.

No direct flaming/abuse of other users will be tolerated. Please respect that people will often have differing opinions and methods and please be courteous in your response should you disagree with another users post.

No advertising material of any kind (other than that authorised by the site administrator) is accepted within the forums. Any user found advertising will initially have their post removed and be given a warning. A second breach will result in your account being suspended for an appropriate period of time determined by the site administrator. A third breach will result in your account being terminated indefinately.



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