Company Information

Aussie Tree Services is a well established company in the Amenity Tree Industry. Dane Pickering, the Managing Director, has steadily grown the business to become highly competitive yet ethical and safe. Aussie Tree Services operates primarily in the Wyong, Gosford and Lake Macquarie council areas, although we do perform our specialised and consultancy work in all areas as required.

Aussie Tree Services provides a superior quality service to residential land owners, the business/commercial sector and local government organisations ensuring that at all times all regulations are adhered to. Pruning is carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice - Amenity Tree Industry as well as the Australian Standard (AS4373:2007) and Local Council's Tree Preservation Order.

The management of Aussie Tree Services places a high priority in relation to public safety and the safety of our employees. In addition the latest work methods for the industry have been adopted allowing Aussie Tree Services to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers.


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