Company Memberships

As Aussie Tree Services strives to ethically provide outstanding service and quality tree maintenance ensuring a safe and hazard free environment we have and will maintain memberships with the following industry associations.

Tree Contractors Association (TCA) By using a Tree Contractors Association member you are guaranteed a quality service from a FULLY INSURED member with many years experience in the Tree Industry. 

National Arborists Association of Australia (NAAA) – The National Arborists Association is a not-for-profit professional organisation dedicated to raising the standard of tree care and maintenance in Australia. The Association maintains a minimum qualification requirement for members.
In order to become an Approved Contractor, Aussie Tree Services has met the following requirements: 

  • Completed 12 months probationary period where our conduct, work practices and work ethics have been examined by our peers.
  • Dane Pickering has obtained a Certificate in Arboriculture minimum of level 2 or equivalent.
  • Have up to date Public Liability Insurance (min value of $5,000,000).
  • Have an appropriate Worker’s Compensation Policy.
  • Have in place an Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Policy.
  • Agree personally and on behalf of sub-contractors to abide by the NAAA Code of Ethics.
  • Carry out tree work to Australian Standard AS 4373 – Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Please Note: Recently the NAAA and ISA's Australian Chapter (ISAAC) agreed on a merger deal and have amalgamated to form Arboriculture Australia. As further details of the merger are finalised this will be updated to reflect this merger.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and to promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of arboriculture.

WIRES Wildlife Member – Dane Pickering has been a volunteer member of WIRES for the past 3 years. The knowledge and experience he has gained in handling and relocating wildlife is used in the day to day operations of Aussie Tree Services. 
The Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) operates a certification program to enable us as a firewood supplier (the recycling of unwanted tree trunks) to demonstrate compliance to the government's Code of Practice for sustainable firewood suppliers. This voluntary membership ensures that all firewood is taken from legal sources and sold as per the correct weight and volume with regards to all standards.  
Trades Monitor verifies, maintains and keeps current copies of our insurances, licenses, registrations, business details, OHS compliance and any other necessary documentation for the business they serve. This information is then primarily used by real estates and other institutions to ensure that our insurances, licenses and other important information is up to date.


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