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Aussie Tree Services utilises the experience and knowledge of our owner and Arborist Dane Pickering alongside employees that when combined with the latest industry developments and techniques we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers. These services include :-

General Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Tree Pruning - Pruning of your trees or shrubs is a specialist task. Whether it be for powerline clearing, to allow building clearance, removal of deadwood, to selectively prune out unwanted branches, pruning of dangerous or diseased branches or for remedial work after storm damage Aussie Tree Services will have you covered. By allowing us to perform this work for you, we will ensure that your tree or shrub receives the best attention and is pruned using the most up-to-date expert pruning techniques to enable your tree or shrub many more years of quality life.

Tree Removal - Aussie Tree Services specialises in difficult and dangerous, confined space and removal of all trees around your property. If your tree has reached the point in its life where it no longer sustainable in its current location contact us today for a FREE quotation to have it removed.

Emergency Tree Care / Storm Damage Cleanup - During or shortly after a natural storm event (excessive rain or wind or a combination of both) you may find that a branch has fallen from a tree or in some cases the whole tree has fallen. This does not necessarily mean that the tree is unsafe, or the tree was faulty. Trees and branches are living things and like us are simply not able to withstand every force placed upon them. In the unlikely event where you are faced with damage to your tree or whole tree failure Aussie Tree Services is able to help you out with our Emergency Tree Response. Please give us a call, detail the situation at hand and we can guide you through the process of remedy.

Stump Grinding - Having just had your tree removed, or having an existing stump in your yard that you wish to remove we have you covered. We are able to access any stump in almost any location. Call us today for a FREE quote.

Block Clearing - Have you just purchased or do you own your own parcel of land? Have you just submitted your dream home to council? Now that all of those things are underway as soon as your DA (Development Application) is out of council you will need to remove all those trees in the way of your building envelope. The team here at Aussie Tree Services has the experience and expertise to provide you a one stop shop for removing your trees, excavating your stumps and removing all the tree and timber waste for recycling. Contact us now for your FREE quotation.


Specialised Tree & Shrub Management

Tree and Palm Transplanting is a specialist service that Aussie Tree Services prides ourselves in being able to offer. We have successfully and currently with 100% success rate transplanted many small to medium shrubs and trees, cycads and and large palms. Aussie Tree Services will attend your site, undertake a risk assessment, look at all the options available to transplant, give you an indication of success with each option and allow you to make an informed assessment of the suitability to transplanting your tree or palm. If you have a tree or palm that you would like to be removed and feel we may be interested in removing it from your property please contact us an we will advise you if we will take it off your hands.

Please Note: we do not pay you to remove your plant as there are considerable time and costs involved in the transplanting process. We will however ensure that your site is left clean and tidy. 

Tree Planting - You have just had your trees removed or you are wishing to source and plant some trees you would like to remain in the landscape for decades. Allowing Aussie Tree Services to source exceptional stock and plant these trees on your behalf is the first step you need to take. Utilising our experiences on plant selection will ensure that you gain a tree that is not 'doomed' from the onset. Call us today for more information.

Fertilisation (Applications Above Ground) - Are your trees showing minor signs of decline? Has a soil test been carried out with recommendations for some soil amelioration work? Have you shipped in soil that is lacking in nutrients? Aussie Tree Services can devise and administer soil and plant fertilisation works on your property. Speak to us today for more information.

Fertigation (Direct Injection into Soil) - Are your trees showing a major decline? Do you wish to give this tree a better chance of survival? Aussie Tree Services can use our in-house developed soil injection system to strategically inject a water and nutrient mix into the soil in and around the root system of the tree. Give us a call for more details.

Cabling and Bracing (non invasive Cobra system) - Do you have a specimen tree that has a major structural fault affecting the safety of the tree? Do you wish to retain this tree over the more suitable option of removal? Bearing in mind that a structural fault does not guarantee that the tree will fail, Aussie Tree Services can attend your property and develop a system of bracing to insert into your tree. This system will greatly reduce the risk firstly of failure and secondly should the tree fail the system will be designed to minimise the risk of injury and property damage.


Consultation and Reporting

Arborist Reports - Do you have a sick tree? A tree that is showing signs of decay? Something wrong with your tree? Or do you simply require a report to supply council to support your application for removal? Look no further! Aussie Tree Services will provide you with a full report detailing the health and condition of your tree or trees, the surrounding site. We will tailor the report to meet the requirements of your local council to ensure your application is processed without delays. We are also aware that sometimes you may not require a written report and Aussie Tree Services can cater for that also with our low cost onsite verbal consultations. We will visit your site, assess your tree from the ground and provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information about your site and tree. Call us today and we can discuss your needs. Aussie Tree Services is sure to have something that will suit everyone.

Development Impact Appraisals - Are you about to undertake a development in close proximity to trees on your property or neighbouring properties. Are you aware what effect your development will have on these trees? Does the council require a report detailing the impact the development will have on these trees? Aussie Tree Services can provide you with a detailed report outlining all trees affected by the development, a plan of the site, a plan of the proposed development, what impact the development will have on each tree, which trees should be retained, which trees will need to be removed for the proposed development to proceed. We can provide you with tree protection measures and other necessary information to submit to council that may be necessary to have your development passed. Contact us today for more information or to allow us to provide an estimate for the work to be carried out.

Pruning Specifications - Does your local council request you have a pruning specification prepared for any pruning work on your tree(s)? Do you want to know exactly what work is going to be performed on your tree(s)? Do you want to ensure each contractor is providing you a quotation on the same work? Aussie Tree Services is able to devise a pruning specification to identify the proposed work that will be carried out on your tree(s). This will enable you or the council to audit the work carried out to ensure it has been undertaken to the highest quality and that it meets any council regulations as well as your satisfaction. The specification will also contain information able to assist you with an informed choice of contractor you will choose to complete the work.

Site Management Plans - Do you have a large site that has an abundance of trees? Do you want to maintain the amenity of your site for many years to come? Do you want to plan for the replacement of these trees before they reach the end of their life? Aussie Tree Services can develop a management plan for your property which will show you all the trees you currently have, useful life expectancy of these trees, and essentially take the information we collect to enable us to devise a plan for the future (usually a 5 year period - though can be any period you specify) recommending any hazard mitigation works, replanting of new trees that will ensure there is always going to be mature trees on your property and ultimately manage the existing trees to gain the maximum benefit from these trees whilst they are there.

Building Site Tree Management - Do you have a building site where trees need to be protected? Are you aware that careful and proper management of your building site can increase the survival rate of trees that are to be retained. Aussie Tree Services can devise an extensive management plan or assist with the management of a plan developed by your consulting Arborist to ensure that the trees to be retained are cared for and nurtured through the development process. This will ensure that upon completion of the development your trees will still be looking the same way they did the day the development began.

Earthworks Supervision - Aussie Tree Services can provide Arboricultural supervision on building sites where machinery has to dig within close proximity to trees or tree roots to ensure that there is minimal chance of any adverse effects on the trees as a result of this excavation. Aussie Tree Services may instruct the  excavator or machinery operator to cease mechanical digging and hand excavation may result to ensure the protection of the tree(s). Please contact us for further information.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis & Control - Does your tree have a problem with pest or disease attack? Is this problem affecting the health of your tree? Would you like to manage the pest or disease in a way to better manage the health of the tree? Aussie Tree Services can provide identification, education and information regarding the pest or disease and devise a plan in order to manage this issue. We endeavour to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles when managing your pest problem to fit in line with our strong views against the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides wherever possible. Call today for more information.

Soil Testing and Analysis - Some plants and trees may experience a decline in their health, increased pest attack or many other health issues as a result of soil problems. These could be a lack of nutrients, an excess of nutrients or simply an incorrect pH level. In order to determine these problems soil testing will need to occur. We can start off with some basic in-house tests and depending on the complexity of the issue we may even need to send off a soil sample to a laboratory for further analysis.


General Garden Maintenance

Mulching Services - Do you want to have your garden mulched though you dont have enough time, or you are unable to do it yourself? Aussie Tree Services can supply and spread mulch around your garden. Simply call us today for a free quote and site assessment. We want your garden to look the way you want it. After all why have a garden if it doesnt look good.

Weed Control (Small and Large Scale) - Aussie Tree Services has some extensive experience clearing weeds in both small and large scale environments. We are also actively involved in some current research for better Bitou Bush and Lantana management. Please contact us today to have a discussion of your requirements and we can work out the best way to move forward.

Herbicide / Fungicide Spraying - Recent research has shown that herbicide and fungicide spraying can be damaging to living organisms (beneficial bacteria and fungi) as well as other living creatures (nematodes etc) within the soil . Aussie Tree Services will no longer be offering herbicide and fungicide spraying with the exception of in extreme cases where no other forms of integrated pest management have worked. If this is required we will also put into place a plan of management for the rehabilitation of the soil at the end of the work.

Please Note: We do provide pest and disease management without using herbicides and fungicides. Please contact us for more information.


Woodchip/Leaf Mulch Supply - Aussie Tree Services only sells A Grade quality native leaf mulch. You will not find any weed species within your mulch, nor will you be disappointed with the quality. All our other mulch that is not saleable is given away to schools, charitable organisations and other community groups where the aesthetic quality is not of the same standard for purchased mulch. We also at times do give away some of our A Grade mulch to those organistions as well. Contact us today with your mulch requirements.

Firewood Supply - Aussie Tree Services sells split seasoned and sustainable firewood. All our firewood is sold to strict standards set by the Firewood Association of Australia (FAA). All our firewood is sourced from sustainable resources. Please contact us today for our current pricing.

Highly Organic Potting Mix - ** Coming Soon ** Let us know and show your interest. We are currently in testing stages of these products and may have some available when you call.

Worm Castings - ** Coming Soon ** Let us know and show your interest. We are currently in testing stages of these products and may have some available when you call.

Worm Juice - ** Coming Soon ** This will be available in 5L concentrates only. Please contact us to register your interest.


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