A warm hello to all and thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at the projects I am currently working on. If you haven't realised by now, my biggest passion is the preservation of trees and the environment. This I strive to achieve by pruning your feature tree or shrub, managing your plant health, transplanting a valuable, significant or sentimental tree or in extreme cases removal of your diseased, dangerous or dead tree. I also endeavor to provide as much education and support to the community through this website and the various projects I am working on.

With our degrading environment high on the list, we all need to take some time out of our busy schedules to educate ourselves in order to understand the negative effect our day to day lives have on the environment. We need to seek to do everything in our power to minimise this damage or even better modify our lives so that we can preserve what we have for many generations to come.

Please take a moment to browse through the current projects I am working on. I will be intending to update each project regularly. Please stop by soon to read the updates.


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