Plant and Equipment

Aussie Tree Services has the latest specialised tree climbing equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is required for the safe operation and effective completion of day to day tasks. The tools and machinery are maintained daily or as required. This not only ensures that all staff are using equipment free from defect, but it also ensures that there will be no delays with completion of a job once it has been started.

Chipper: Bandit 280xp

The model 280xp is a highly efficient, ultra high production hydraulic feed chipper. This chipper processes up to 18 inch diameter branches and logs making it an integral part of our business operations.

The resulting product: A-grade quality leaf mulch that can be utilised on site or removed for your convenience.

We also sell quality leaf mulch to the public. <!-- Click here for more information -->

Stump Grinder: Rayco RG13

This walk behind model stump grinder is built for commercial use. Its superior safety features ensure that our operator is safe at all times whilst using this machine. The channel frame design deflects the debris and spoilage under the unit, reducing the chance of injury to persons or property.

This unit can be lifted by 2 persons and is ideal for those hard to get places where trees are often present. 

Stump Grinder: Rayco 1625a Super Junior

This self-propelled stump grinder fits through standard garden gates with ease allowing easy access to most backyards. Features like the exclusive “Quick Stop” cutter wheel, hydraulic steering, and an automatic hill brake make this machine stand head and shoulders above the competition. The ability to traverse undulating ground makes this machine a valuable asset to our business.

Bobcat: 743b

The bobcat has become an integral part of the operations of Aussie Tree Services, allowing the team to complete large land clearing jobs efficiently as there is no down time co ordinating sub contractors.

It also allows staff to load trucks for the prompt delivery of mulch and firewood

Trucks: Hino 8 tonne with chip canopy and Toyota 4.5 tonne with high sides.

Aussie Tree Services has, as part of its fleet of plant and equipment, two trucks which allows management to utilize staff more efficiently and ultimately be able to service customers quickly and effectively.


Aussie Tree Services has various chainsaws ranging from lightweight climbing saws to large chainsaws including telescopic pole pruners for the safe pruning or removal of all trees and shrubs.


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